Wow, what a wonderful day today! 😀

There were fin whales hanging around in our backyard! We have been used to see sei whales lately during this migratory season, so seeing fin whales was a very pleasant surprise! They were foraging, and performing dives lasting between 7 and 10 minutes. The peaceful and silent atmosphere was interrupted by the sound of their blows. The perfect sea state conditions and the sunlight were adding a plus to the overall pleasant encounter.

Fin whales in a blue background


We then had a more energetic encounter: some foraging bottlenose dolphins. They were performing sudden breaches in the middle of frenetic feeding Cory’s shearwaters. It is always impressive seeing such dolphins flipping out in the air and “landing” head down. It felt we were in a live National Geographic documentary! 🙂


Bottlenose dolphins and Cory’s shearwaters

Bottlenose dolphins


To end our day we visited some Risso’s dolphins, which in the afternoon were tight and included three mother and calf pairs. At some point the three pairs started to be synchronized in their movements, very convenient for a picture moment!


Are you joining us tomorrow? 😉





Arianna Cecchetti

About Arianna Cecchetti

Arianna is a Marine Biologist and Guide at TERRA AZUL since 2009. Originally from Italy, she sees herself more as a world citizen. After a four years break for a Postgraduate course in the Azores Islands, she's back to enjoy guiding and collecting data for MONICET – The Azores Islands Cetaceans Research & Conservation long-term monitoring project.

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