Blue Whale Blowhole – how big is it?

By 02/05/2019Ι Education

Hello !


Last days we had very pleasant time on the sea! 🙂 Every trip is always a new adventure on the Atlantic!

We saw blue whales, fin whale and a lot of common dolphins!! The Ocean is full of cetaceans!

Blue whale is the biggest animal ever on the Planet! When we approach a cetacean, the first thing that we see is the blow! Blows come from the blowholes. For a blue whale it can reach 50cm !!

We wish you a lovely evening and a Happy month of May !



About Marylou

Marylou is a Marine Biologist and Master in Oceanography. She is one of our Marine Wildlife Guide at TERRA AZUL. She studied in Canada and Belgium, but is originally from France, and enjoys being out to sea everyday with whales & dolphins.

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