Smooth Hammerhead Shark

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The Smooth Hammerhead Shark is named for its smooth, un-notched head, a characteristic that allows to distinguish it from other hammerhead shark species. They do not have a mid-dorsal fin, contributing to the “smoothness” of species.



Latin name: Sphyrna zygaena
Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Sphyrnidae
Length: up to 4 m
Weight: up to 400 kg
IUCN Status: Vulnerable


  • Color: dark brownish gray to olive, and white belly
  • Head: broadly arched and hammer-shaped with a wide and short cephalofoil
  • Dentition: 26-32 tooth rows in the upper jaw, 25-30 tooth rows in the lower jaw
  • Gills: 5 to 7 pairs



Adult Smooth Hammerhead Sharks can be found in open ocean, coastal areas, and very often around oceanic seamounts. They usually spend most of the time close to the surface in water at less than 20 meters depth. However, they have also been recorded diving at depths of 200 meters.




Smooth Hammerhead Sharks mostly feed on bony fish, sharks and squid.


Smooth Hammerhead Sharks reach sexual maturity at 2,7 meters (female) and 2,1 meters (males). The gestation last at around 10-11 months. Females give birth of 20-50 pups which measure at around 50-60 cm.



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