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Hi everybody, and welcome to the first episode of WHALEZONE.TV | Sounds of the Ocean series. Today we will dive into Sperm Whale “coda” and we will witness a very special moment: a newborn Sperm Whale starts exploring the world surrounded by its family! This neonate was probably less than two weeks old as indicated by the evident fetal folds on its flank and the lack of rigidity of its tail flukes. Watch carefully and you will even see the umbilical cord still hanging from its belly! Listen, watch, feel.


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Footage and recordings courtesy of Terra Azul™ Azores Whale Watching

Lorenzo Fiori

About Lorenzo Fiori

Lorenzo is Main Guide and Technical & Scientific Director at TERRA AZUL. He is originally from Italy, holds a PhD about behavioral responses of humpback whales to swim-with-whales tourism activities in Tonga.

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