Good evening,

today in our afternoon tour the first species we saw was a group of Bottlenose dolphins quite close to the coast. It was a small group of about 5 adult animals, which were travelling.

After a while we left these animals and went a bit further out. There we saw 4 more individuals of Bottlenose dolphins, 3 adults and one calve. They might have been part of the group we saw before.

Our next stop was off the coast of Ponta Delgada. There was a big group of Common dolphins, they were very active at the surface and came close to our boat. Some of them were moving quickliy, probably hunting for fish.

Group of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis)


It was a nice tour, see you soon 🙂

Simone Müller

About Simone Müller

Simone is a Marine Environmental Scientist from Germany. She just joined the TERRA AZUL Team recently and is enjoying the work out in the Ocean and life on this beautiful Island.

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