Shortfin Mako Shark

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« Mako » comes from Maori language and mean « shark » or « shark tooth ». The scientific name is from isurus that which means « same tail » and oxyrinchus that means « pointy snout ».


Latin name: Isurus oxyrinchus
Order: Lamniformes
Family: Lamnidae
Length: up to 3.2 m
Weight: up to 600 kg
IUCN Status: Vulnerable




  • Color: Brilliant metallic blue and white on the ventral part
  • Head: Snout is conical and pointed
  • Dentition: 3 to 5 ridges and 3 marginal big teeth
  • Gills: 5 to 7 pairs
  • Caudal Fin: Lunate, crescent-shaped



Shorftin Mako Sharks are true pelagic species with a worldwide distribution. They are mainly in open ocean, but can be observed near the coast. They spend their time from to surface to about 500 m in depth.


Shorftin Mako Sharks mainly feed on fish (e.g., billfish, herring, swordfish, codfish, tuna), squid, and even on other sharks. They swim below their prey before making a sudden approach, giving them a high probability of reaching their target before being noticed.


Shortfin Mako sharks are a yolk-sac ovoviviparous and reach sexual maturity at around 7-9 years (males) and 18-21 years (female). They give birth to live young which measure at around 60-70cm. The gestation period last at around 15-18 months.




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