Today our boats were only able to go out in the morning, as the winds were getting stronger during the afternoon. But we were enjoying the given time at the sea very much, because the sea mammals were on its best!


The first species we were able to observe were Spotted dolphins. It was quite a huge group chasing some fish. Some Cory’s Shearwaters joined this movements! The juveniles of the dolphins surrounded our boat and showed us their beautiful, streamlined body during jumps. In the very back one dolphin jumped at least five meters high!



Afterwards our lookout spotted a baleen whale in the east, so as we were travelling to it, some Atlantic spotted dolphins followed us with bow riding movements and jumps parallel to our boat.

Later we approached the baleen whale and after it surfaced few times, we were able to identify the species: a Sei whale! Must have been the same one that we saw yesterday. This time it must have been feeding at some fish, as there were Cory’s around. Special about this sighting was, that even the dolphins needed breakfast. So they were joining the feeding – we could observe them in fast swimmings.


Sei whale surfacing


After spending some time with the Sei whale the faithful Common dolphins appeared not far from us. They surfaced in synchronized swimming movements, what made it even better!


Common dolphin group porpoising


What a special day! The baleen whales are a huge surprise 🙂

Rebecca Galvan

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Rebecca was Guide at TERRA AZUL in 2017. She is now wandering the World and discovering new things! Soon she'll get back in touch to help update this biographical signature.

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