…”probably u won`t see them”

By 22/06/2018Sei Whales

…this phrase was one of the briefing today, talking about species which we will probably not see (or eventually see at the tour). Meant by that were especially the baleen whales, as they can be overserved around the Azores mostly in April and May travelling up north to their feeding grounds.

However, we know, exceptions prove the rule which also happened today….

Leaving the harbor, the lookout told us already having spotted 4 whales. Maybe a group of sperm whales hanging out together?…you never know…

Coming closer to the area where the whales were spotted we could detect already 2 blows in different directions. Arriving there, the blows and the whales just disappeared. We kept being patient and it paid off. After some minutes there came literally out of the blue this really beautiful, typical sickle shaped and falcate dorsal fin out of the water for some seconds and disappeared again. That was definitely no sperm whale, it was for sure a baleen whale, better said a Sei-whale which could be recognized on the the typical dorsal fin mentioned.

It was really exciting. There were really 4 Sei-whales spread in the area, showing up here and there before going for a shallow dive again. Sei whales neither show their fluke before a dive nor do they go for really deep dives. That allowed us to observe them for quite a while always showing up in different directions.

We followed them among their footprint which was really amazing! 😀

Maria Mallet

About Maria Mallet

Maria is student an Bremerhaven university, she is fascinated by the ocean & loves diving. Joined the TERRA AZUL team as Volunteer Marine Wildlife Guide in 2018, we hope she can get in touch soon to visit us and share updates for this profile.

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