Dolphins are practically a constant presence in our tours and today they didn’t fail us!

The day started with a very fast group of Striped dolphins followed by a friendly group of Common dolphins. The Striped dolphins have been around for the last couple months being the first summer visitors, as time goes past and the water becomes warmer we’ll have the rest of the visiting species, like Atlantic Spotted dolphins, starting to show up. We can’t wait!

Right after lunch we had the pleasure of having two Sei whales travelling leisurely right next to the boat. It is definitely an amazing sighting to have!

Sei whale / Baleanoptera borealis

Sei whale / Baleanoptera borealis

These whales can reach 18 meters in length in the North Atlantic and are easily identified by their tall dorsal fin. As any other baleen whales, they can be seen in the Azores during their migration to their favorite feeding grounds in higher latitudes.

Finally, we had a small group of Bottlenose dolphins to close the day and bid us farewell 🙂

Keep tuned for more news of our tours 😀

Catarina Fonseca

About Catarina Fonseca

Catarina is Marine Biologist and was Main Guide and Technical & Scientific Director at TERRA AZUL from 2014 to 2017. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and a passionate friend to animals and humans. We hope she can come back soon to wildlife experiences with us. , and everyday works on ensuring the highest educational and conservation standards during spractice. She also contributes collecting Data collection for MONICET – The Azores Islands Cetaceans Research & Conservation long-term monitoring project.

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