“Surprise, surprise” I am still around Y’all- said the Humpback

The last couple of days we have sighted new species besides our beloved “Fantastic 4”. The arrival of the Pilot Whales has certainly sparked joy and marked officially summer for us.

The increase of higher temperatures and sights of big pods of different dolphins species socializing led us to believe that maybe Humpback whales might not really be sighted anymore. Big mistake, as much one has experience one can never assume anything regarding wildlife since nature is mysterious and filled with surprises.

Navigating today we sighted a pod of Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) socializing, when we got the radio call that a Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) was sighted, navigating to the are all we could think of is -that it was pretty astounding to continue sighting these “angel-winged” like creatures 😉

Humpback whales partake in the longest annual migrations, traveling for thousands of miles in the Ocean from breeding grounds to feeding grounds, an estimation of 35, 000 thousand individuals in the Northern Atlantic Ocean has been estimated.

So all in all an exciting morning.

During our latest tours one cetacean has been the start of the show, stealing the spotlight when encountered. Could you guess which one?…

Well what if I gave you hint, stating that they are impressive to observe travelling together, with little ones leaping graciously alongside their elders.

Yes, you guessed it right the Striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) have been displaying the most magnificent sights, leaving us mesmerized by their beauty and agility.


Striped dolphin leaping out of the water


Striped Dolphins travelling as a pod .


Beautiful, don’t you agree ? 😉

Anaïs Builly

About Anaïs Builly

Anais Builly is Marine Biologist and Master of Biology, Ecology and Ecosystems, and of Bioproducts & Bioproduction of Marine Ecosystems, studied in France and South Africa. She is also Marine Wildlife Guide & Community Manager at TERRA AZUL. She is passionate about conservation of marine mammals, and loves being out in the ocean everyday.

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