Hi there, friends of the sea!

Today, we had very special water conditions at the start of our afternoon-tour. The sea was almost flat and the visibility was phenomenal! When we met our beloved friends, the Common dolphins, we were able to see their diving skills really clearly! They were calm today, but stayed with the boat and we all could lean over the sides to watch them. I found that really special! Also, we could see a really tiny young!

During this tour we saw these dolphins three times, as we visited them in between our whale-zone-try-outs and at the end of the tour. The mentioned try-outs where quite something. We would have never guessed at the beginning of the tour that it would be so tricky to find the whales today! But we waited and searched and everyone was really concentrating a lot on this search – but still, no blow to be seen! When we finally heard news from our skipper we had to hold on extra tight. And we saw a fin whale! Twice even! One time a bit too far away to really grasp its size, but this cheeky individual decided to dive right behind our boat the second time. We saw the animal in close-up and were really happy!

Oh, and in between we had an encounter with a Loggerhead seaturtle! It was a quite big one and stayed at the surface for a long while, even lifting the head out of the water fully in order to have a look at us. We tried to tag the turtle, as Terra Azul cooperates with the COSTA seaturtle tagging program, but the turtle eventually tricked us with swimming a circle 🙂

I had a lot of fun today, testing out my own patience! It is nice to experience that it eventually makes sence to wait a bit longer 🙂

Until next time!

Levina Steinkönig

About Levina Steinkönig

Levina is student of Coastal and Marine Management at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, and is fascinated by the sea and sea creatures. Joined the TERRA AZUL team as Volunteer Marine Wildlife Guide in 2018, we hope she can get in touch soon to visit us and share updates for this profile.