Hey, hey, dear whale watchers,

today we had both a great variety of species and of weather conditions:

First, when it was still sunny, we saw the beautiful Common Dolphins, coming really close to the boat.

Later on weather was chaning, while we observed the Bottlenose Dolphins. It started raining, nevertheless we had a good sighting, as the Dolphins don`t care to get wet…hehehe

Trying to leave the rain behind us, we found some Stripped Dolphins. They were jumping and going as fast as always.

All in all, it was a wet but really nice trip with 3 spotted species!

Maria Mallet

About Maria Mallet

Maria is student an Bremerhaven university, she is fascinated by the ocean & loves diving. Joined the TERRA AZUL team as Volunteer Marine Wildlife Guide in 2018, we hope she can get in touch soon to visit us and share updates for this profile.

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