After a break sperm whales are back! :D

Eastern winds are not always friendly and it already happened they forced us to cancel our tours. Hopefully, today we were able to go out at least in the morning and we enjoyed it a lot 😀

First we met a nice group of Risso’s dolphins including quite a few young individuals, recognisable for their darker coloration and fewer scars. Some did even jumped and we could also listen to their vocalisations.

Risso’s dolphin (Grampus griseus) showing its typical scars


Later we got an exciting news, few sperm whales were taking their foraging bouts far offshore. The ride was long, but still smooth… the winds were not that strong yet 😉 The fact that it was already few days we were not seeing them, made the sighting even more exciting! When we reached the area after waiting few minutes we got to see two individuals. The ride back was more adventurous as the sea was getting rougher, so for the rest of the day we will stay on land waiting for tomorrow’s new ocean adventure.


Arianna Cecchetti

About Arianna Cecchetti

Arianna is a Marine Biologist and was Main Guide at TERRA AZUL since 2009, and Technical & Scientific Director until 2018. Originally from Italy, she sees herself more as a world citizen. Arianna deserves the very best, and we hope she can come back to share her passion for the sea with us again.

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