Happy times with wet shoes!

Hi out there! 🙂

I hope by now you all changed your wet clothes – it was a tour with quite some splash and waves! But what a beautiful encounter with the Atlantic spotted dolphins today!

The first group we saw was a family of maybe 30 individuals. The group was a bit scattered at first, but came together at a certain time, so that we could see them jumping simultainiously. Hach 🙂 We could see how the juveniles mostly stayed close by their mother, but some cheeky ones went ahead and tried some jumps themselves. Especially one had a bit of trouble – its tail unwillingly slapped the surface quite a lot.

After a good time spend we followed our second boat to see what they were seeing. On our way we got a real wave into the boat – I am really glad you even liked it and found that fun! Cool group! 🙂 When we arrived the location we saw another group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. And here was a baby of only a few days old! <3 So cool to see!

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin diving, showing its tail stock and fluke (Stenella frontalis)

Today, there was nothing else out there at that time, so we decided to show you all the coastline – I hope you liked to see the island from another angle!And also the dolphins of course!


Levina Steinkönig

About Levina Steinkönig

Levina is student of Coastal and Marine Management at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, and is fascinated by the sea and sea creatures. Joined the TERRA AZUL team as Volunteer Marine Wildlife Guide in 2018, we hope she can get in touch soon to visit us and share updates for this profile.

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