Ciao ciao sea riders,

We already know by now that the weather in the Azores can be a bit tricky and funny from time to time. But the spectacle of today was really something else. As we were riding towards the south to an area where animals had been seen by our lookouts, something very different caught our attention. A waterspout (vortex or condensation funnel descending from a cumulus cloud) was formed on the ocean and showed us how amazingly beautiful and powerful nature can be.

But well, this was just a little extra, as the real goal was to observe some awesome marine mammals.

This is when we saw some distinctively scared dorsal fins transpiercing the water surface like a blade. They belonged to the impressive Risso’s Dolphins (Grampus griseus) taking advantage of the waves.


Risso’s Dolphin (Grampus griseus) gliding over the water (picture from a recent encounter)


The next stop was with the lovely and playful Atlantic Spotted Dolphins (Stenella frontalis) that use to jump around a lot and were very fun to observe.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin (Stenella frontalis) leaping out of the water


Stay safe and enjoy nature

See you next time

Aurora Crucianelli

About Aurora Crucianelli

Aurora Crucianelli is an Environmental Biologist with a Master’s degree in Oceanography. She loves the sea and likes to scuba dive during her spare time. She also worked as a science teacher and enjoys educating people and share her passion for the ocean and wildlife.

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