Today we were able to go out due to good weather conditions.

I was totally shocked this morning!

We navigated outside of the coastline and surprise surprise… Jumping outside of the waters guess who was there?

The Atlantic spotted dolphins (stenella frontalis), we wrote so many posts suggesting that they were getting ready to leave which is what we truly believed at that time, when we sighted those big pods filling their bellies to their entire capacity.

When joining a tour with us, we introduce the species that can be sighted in Azores every single time during our briefing.

As you all already know, everything in nature has a time and a place. So I took the decision of not presenting the species to our guests this morning.
No longer will I make this mistake again since in nature nothing really relies on strict rules, migrations are not perfectly timed, this is why we use the word “season” instead of giving a prefect time and space location for any animal in the world.

This is one of the beauties of nature. It is a mystery.

Atlantic dolphins are very beautiful animals but also curious. Please turn on your speakers and click on the audio file.

In our tour not only did we spent time with these playful dolphins, we observed as well the Great Shearwater (Puffinus gravis). I can not tell you enough of how these birds are majestic who have partaken now in their Southern-Northern migration.

Great Shearwater (Puffinus gravis) drifting.

So again nothing is really written in this great open book that is nature.

Anaïs Builly

About Anaïs Builly

Anais Builly is Marine Biologist and Master of Biology, Ecology and Ecosystems, and of Bioproducts & Bioproduction of Marine Ecosystems, studied in France and South Africa. She is also Marine Wildlife Guide & Community Manager at TERRA AZUL. She is passionate about conservation of marine mammals, and loves being out in the ocean everyday.

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