Adventurous trip today here at the south coast of São Miguel! The strong wind of the past two days contributed to the wavy mood of the ocean. Though, this didn’t stop us as we went out to witness the beauty of two species known to occur in the Azorean waters year-around: the sperm whale and the bottlenose dolphin.

We had the chance to observe three individual sperm whales while travelling. Their large heads were appearing in between waves and a powerful blow was following. The group of dolphins included a calf. They were socializing, and just before leaving they performed few jumps.

So, we all came back with a big smile 😀



About TiagoEskimo

Tiago is Skipper, Photographer and Videographer at TERRA AZUL. Everyday he looks out for everyone's safety onboard, and ensures that animal conservation standards and legislation are met during outings.

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