Hello everyone!

Today we had an amazing afternoon. After the briefing about the animals and the safety of the boat, of we went to the sea. The day was warm but cloudy.

The fisrt species that we saw was the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin. In the beginning they were swimming but then, when we arrived they got curious about the boat and stayed around us. After a few minutes our lookout spoted something and of we went again. On the way we found another species…the Common Dolphin. This ones were very relaxed swimming around.

Then we went to see the animal that our lookout saw. We had to wait and look for a while but after a few minutes we saw the blow and we found out that we had Sperm Whales, not only one but 3 of them, 2 adults and 1 juvenile! The juvenile was very curious and it was spyhopping.


I hope you had enjoyed, see you at Terra Azul!

Vanessa Costa

About Vanessa Costa

Vanessa is Marine Biologist and Marine Wildlife Guide and is responsible for Environmental Conservation at TERRA AZUL. She enjoys being out in the ocean with Wildlife accompanying visitors and collecting field imagery and data for local Cetaceans and Sea Turtles Research & Conservation projects.

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