The Sister Sledge – We are Family ! it’s the tune Sperm whales are singing

A sea filled with life !

We had a lovely group of visitors today!

During warm summer days, Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) females and young individuals get together and form pods. They are quite social marine mammals and today was proof of that.

We counted 15 Sperm Whales in the area and even though we sighted only 7 from sea. It was so cool to know that the animals are gathering in groups during this time of the year.

Someone asked me today if I knew how many Sperm Whales exactly live in the area ??? Ufff though question I must say! In order to identify a Sperm Whale one needs to observe the fluke from a specific angle in order to see its unique shape. So even though we have catalogues, to answer this question with exact accuracy its a bit hard to say…

But any good question is always welcomed and who knows one day, a great project may come along and give an answer to a specific question.

We slowly continued to travel and I guess travelling faster than us where the Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis) focused in only one thing-  FISH.

Picture of Travelling Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis)


Who can blame them to be honest I would be in a hurry too,  when it comes to fish, you have to fight the birds, the other fish, the other dolphins.

Not easy being a dolphin.  So keep reading in order to find out more about the amazing sightings we are having this season. =)

Anaïs Builly

About Anaïs Builly

Anais Builly is Marine Biologist and Master of Biology, Ecology and Ecosystems, and of Bioproducts & Bioproduction of Marine Ecosystems, studied in France and South Africa. She is also Marine Wildlife Guide & Community Manager at TERRA AZUL. She is passionate about conservation of marine mammals, and loves being out in the ocean everyday.

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