Today was one of those days that you could enjoy very much, full of surprise! Sea conditions and the visibility were perfect to go out  and we managed to see a lot of different species!

This morning we saw one of our famous resident species: the sperm whale. They were occupied with their breakfast so they were diving to catch some squid around. “Be ready, it will dive! In 1…2…Prepare….3! Ouuuaaahhh!” Bye bye sperm whale 🙂

We spent the all day with Atlantic spotted dolphins, they are a lot on the south coast of São Miguel now, split in different groups from 30 to 100 individuals. So we enjoyed them during our swimmings with dolphins 🙂

What a surprising afternoon: we saw 2 different species of baleen whales! Amazing to see them at this time of the year.

The first one was a sei whale, resting at the surface. Easily recognizable by its tall and falcate dorsal fin.

Surfacing sei whale showing its blowhole

Then, appeared 2 fin whales, a juvenile and an adult, at about 3 miles from the coast, just in front of the marina of Vila Franca do Campo. They were circling in the same area, probably feeding on their favourite prey: krill.

Maybe these baleen whales are they to lazy to migrate to the North Atlantic, and preferred to spend time here around the Azores? 😉 For how long time will they stay here? Let’s see what tomorrow bring us, hopefuly you will be part of this new journey.

And to finish the day, a lovely but shy group of bottlenose dolphins showed up in front of our boat, like a cherry on the cake to finish this beautiful day…

Keep your eyes open, sea turtles are enjoying the sun at the surface!

Loggerhead turtle





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Marine is Marine Biologist and was Marine Wildlife Guide at TERRA AZUL in 2017. She is now wondering the World and discovering new things! We hope soon she'll get back in touch to share, and to help update this profile.

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