Hello my dear whale & dolphin lovers out there,

A beautiful & exciting morning excursions lies behind us…

The sun was shining, happy & laughing people around us and the sea perfectly quiet.

Maybe even too quiet? …Not at all! First of all some of us (with good eyes and looking in the right direction at the right moment 😉 ) could see at distance the flukes of a diving sperm whale disappearing into the blue.

Afterwards, our lookout detected a group of striped dolphins. This species is normally known for moving quite speedy, which makes it sometimes difficult to observe. However, we got lucky, as it was a group of playful juveniles socializing. Therefore the animals were moving less fast and in a very good “dolphin mood” even showing us some impressing jumps out of the water.

After another (and this time clearly visible for everybody) encounter with a sperm whale showing us nicely several times the back with the humped fin, before arching its body, showing the fluke and going then for a deeper dive.

Last but not least, and answering the headline, our beloved spotted dolphins returned. ….yuhuuu!!! First time this year they showed up!

It was a group mostly of young individuals which made it quite hard to see the spots. (Spots are related to age, the older the more spots they have.) Nevertheless, the group came fairly close to the boat making it possible to detect some spots at certain individuals.

All in all it was an amazing first encounter with the “spotties” and it was quite hard to leave them behind at the end of the tour, especially as they took the chance of the boat to bow ride for a while with us.

What a beautiful morning, eh? 😀


Maria Mallet

About Maria Mallet

Maria is student an Bremerhaven university, she is fascinated by the ocean & loves diving. Joined the TERRA AZUL team as Volunteer Marine Wildlife Guide in 2018, we hope she can get in touch soon to visit us and share updates for this profile.

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