Today afternoon we went out with a small group of 4 whale or let`s better say this time dolphin watchers.

Right after leaving Ilhéu behind us, a first group of bottlenose dolphins showed up. The sea was unusual calm and the dolphins very relaxed around us. They were busy with socializing and even came several times to approach the boat quite close.

Afterwards we headed more into direction of Ponta Delgada, were we had an beautiful encounter with the colorful common dolphins. It was a group of at least 30 individuals with babies! It was amazing to observe the young swimming very close and parallel to their mothers. Quite smart of them, taking a freeride by using their mother`s slipstream. This way, the very cute little dolphins are able to keep the same speed as their mothers and the whole group.

After cruising a bit here and there trying to find another species, we got eventually lucky.

It felt even more like the dolphins were coming to us for a visit, not the other way round as it is usually. First we saw just one single fin and then suddenly we were surrounded by a group of spotted dolphins. They stood the whole time very close to the boat, being both on the left and the right side at the same time and diving under and next to the boat. It was just spectacular how curious those really beautiful animals behaved.

It was a fantastic tour with, I hope you guys enjoyed the same way I did. Thank you sooo much!

…what a dolphinastic day today! 😀

Maria Mallet

About Maria Mallet

Maria is student an Bremerhaven university, she is fascinated by the ocean & loves diving. Joined the TERRA AZUL team as Volunteer Marine Wildlife Guide in 2018, we hope she can get in touch soon to visit us and share updates for this profile.

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