5th to 18th of September of 2015 Statistics Report

From the 5th to the 18th of September we sighted 7 different species of Cetaceans!

One Species of Toothed Whales: Sperm Whales

Six Species of Dolphins: Short – finned Pilot Whales, Bottlenose, Common, Striped, Risso’s and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins.

Well Autumn is almost here, but in the Azores it is still pretty warm! Of course days are shorter but still nice to go out to the ocean.

The main starts of the last couple of weeks have been the Sperm Whales. Some days we didn’t even see Dolphins! Just Sperm Whales. Usually is the other way around, but this past week it has happened that we only saw Whales for 2 days!

As for the Dolphins maybe there isn’t enough food around here and they went to look for it somewhere else, or maybe a predator is around!

We’ll keep you posted, stay tunned for our next posts! 🙂 In the mean time here it is a photo of a beautiful Sperm Whale fluke we saw this morning!

Sperm Whale/Physeter macrocephalus

                                                                                   Sperm Whale/Physeter macrocephalus

Stephanie Almeida

About Stephanie Almeida

Stephanie is Guide at TERRA AZUL since 2013 and Operations Assistant since 2017. Contributed for several years on Data collection for MONICET – The Azores Islands Cetaceans Research & Conservation long-term monitoring project.

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