Certainly, an in-touch-with-nature experience, organised by a passionate-about-nature, warm & caring team. This was, undoubtedly, the best experience of our trip to the Azores.
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How does the Voucher Discount Azores Safe Destination Work

Frequently Asked Questions about the Voucher Discount Azores Safe Destination

What is the Voucher Azores Safe Destination?

It is a €35 exclusive discount per person offered by Government of the Azores, with limited availability.

Who is eligible for the free Voucher Discount Azores Safe Destination?

Travellers disembarking in the Azores starting this October 2020 – including the airport of Ponta Delgada in the island of Sao Miguel.

voucher discount azores safe destination

Why €35 discount to See Whales and Dolphins in São Miguel?

It is the most exciting – and the most looked-for Adventure activity in the Azores.

It is an Amazing opportunity to see Wildlife in a unique destination!

Yearlong there are 4 resident species of Cetaceans (including Sperm Whales!) and 24 more passing by on migration route, to a total of a third of all known species in the world. For more information click here.

Full-day w/ Lunch included at sale price for a minimum.

Suggestions to redeem your Voucher:

Whale Watching


€55 Regular Price

* Includes Tour Around the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo! +info >>

Full-day Upgrade


€105 Regular Price

* Includes Lunch + Afternoon Science Tour + Bathing! +info >>

How to Guarantee a €35 Discount to see Wildlife in Sao Miguel?

It’s simple. After you booked your Travel ticket with any airline flying to to Ponta Delgada…

Book Now

1 Book in advance to guarantee seat availabilityyou can pay later!

Guarantee vailability in any tour for your intended dates without compromise. You will receive confirmation by email.


2 Then fill in the following questionnaire

Where appropriate, select “Benefit from Voucher Azores Safe Destination”.

3 Submit a SARSCoV-2 test made in the 72 hours preceeding your disembarkment *

The questionnaire above will guide you to submit, or to schedule a free test in Portugal. After submitting your will receive your voucher by email at the address registered on the questionnaire. (*) A SARSCoV-2 test on the preceding 72 hours is compulsory to disembark in the Azores Islands.

Contact Us

4 To redeem send us your Voucher reference as soon as you receive it

The value will be deducted as payment and we will send you a new confirmation by email with instructions to proceed to payment on the remaining. If you find any difficulties, please contact us.

Contact us if in doubt or if you find difficulties:

(+351) 913 453 030

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More information on Voucher Azores Safe Destination

More information about the Voucher Azores Safe Destination:

  • These Vouchers are valid for a unique purchase, more than one can be used on the same purchase.
  • These Vouchers are valid for 2 months from issuing date, for any purchase – tours, transfer, merchandising ou extras.
  • These Vouchers are non-refundable – total or partially after provided as payment method.
  • This Promotion is limited to the voucher quantity available.
  • This Promotion is limited to travellers disembarking in Azores airports, by providing a SARSCoV-2 test result in the 72 hours preceeding disembarkment.
  • This Promotion is entirely of the responsibility of the Azores Government – (+351) 292 200 500 | voucherdestinoseguro@azores.gov.pt.
  • This Promotion cannot be accumulated with any other discount promotions.
  • All visitors using this promotion must additionally comply with the TERRA AZUL Terms and Conditions.