Whale Watching

The most exciting Adventure in Azores!

Swim with Dolphins

A funtastic and unique Wildlife experience!

Azores Whale WatchingReady for a Marine Expedition to the World of the Atlantic Ocean Cetaceans?

Azores Islands

Here at Terra Azul Azores base, in São Miguel island, we provide unique and unforgettable holiday experiences in the Marine Wildlife Oasis of the Azores Islands. 24 different species and 4 cetacean residents year-round to be encountered – let’s get you closer to Nature!

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One of Europe’s Best Whale Watching (and Dolphin Swimming) Destinations!
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Azores Whale Watching

Azores Islands Whale Watching
The Azores Islands – a Top Green destination for Adventure holidays, and one of the best places for Whale Watching & Swimming with Dolphins time!

2 to 3 hours away from the UK & EU and 4 to 5 from the US & Canada, in the middle of the Atlantic, a beautiful archipelago with the most incredible natural Wonders. Click here to know more.

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