Today we had such an enjoyable encounters! Next to the fact that it was dry and sunny on the boat, and flat like a mirror on the sea, we started with the famous baby Bryde’s whale accompanied by its mom again! The baby was always surfacing in such a way that the head – including eyes and 3 head ridges was clearly visible! (see feature photo) The baby even had a close look of our boat in front. By the end of the afternoon the Bryde’s whales were already near the Western cliff of the island, does that mean they are leaving soon? We think so…


Baby Bryde’s whale with eye visible.


This day we also found a huge group of Atlantic Spotted dolphins, and they were going crazy for bait! They were flashing out of the water left, right, front and back of our boats. Since the ocean was like a mirror we saw the big bait balls of sardines floating next to our boat. You can imagine the swimming with our Spotties was spectacular on a day like this! The pod of about 300 animals were all clicking and whistling as we saw them underwater. Of course the very reliable Common dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins also welcomed us for a visit later on!


Baby Spottie (middle) surrounded by adults.


So cute how the fish get very dense and try to hide under our boat 🙂


Baitball of sardines


Guess what tomorrow brings in the comments below 🙂


About Milou

Milou is Marine Biologist, and was Marine Wildlife Guide at TERRA AZUL from 2010 to 2019. She is from Holland, and is passionate about being out in the ocean with wildlife, informing visitors, and collecting field imagery and data for local Cetaceans and Sea Turtles Research & Conservation projects.

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