First actual trip of 2017, yaaay!! And it was definitely a success

After having waited for better weather conditions earlier this week, we were eventually able to enjoy a beautiful sunning morning out at sea in the company of four different species.

We had a calm group of common dolphins which welcomed us at the beginning of our trip and said goodbye at the end, playful striped dolphins, three sperm whales and a busy feeding fin whale. The unpredictable surfacing patterns of the feeding fin whale contributed in keeping us alert all the time, wondering where it could come up next. Oh yes, and we also saw lots of little Portuguese Man O’ War.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us on our next trip!



About TiagoEskimo

Tiago is Skipper, Photographer and Videographer at TERRA AZUL. Everyday he looks out for everyone's safety onboard, and ensures that animal conservation standards and legislation are met during outings.

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