Today, on both tours, we had the pleasure to see a huge adult male Sperm Whale!

Males can reach 18 to 20 meters, they are quite the sight! This one included.

They can dive longer and deeper than the females, for up to one hour and a half  and down to 3000 meters.

This individual has been doing dives of about 45 minutes, better for us we didn’t have to wait so long! You can see his beautiful fluke right in the picture bellow!

Stay tuned fro more updates on our tours! 🙂

Stephanie Almeida

About Stephanie Almeida

Stephanie is Guide at TERRA AZUL since 2013 and Operations Assistant since 2017. Contributed for several years on Data collection for MONICET – The Azores Islands Cetaceans Research & Conservation long-term monitoring project.

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