Eco Tourism Tour Operator

EcoTourism Tour Operatreor

Terra Azul Azores is an Ecotourism Tour Operator, fully licensed to operate year-round Whale Watching & Swimming with Dolphins tours, Family & Private tours, Marine Birdwatching tours, and Scientific Expeditions for fellow researchers, photography, and video professionals.

Our company is officially established since March 2000, and in 2003 the Ponta Garça Whale lookout, used for Whaling up to 1984, was rebuilt adding radio support to our Skippers onboard ever since.

Our priority goes to Comfort and Security, and nothing but memorable lifetime experiences for all our Guests. All tours are always accompanied by skilled Crew and knowledgeable Naturalist / Marine Biologist Guides. We daily aim towards and encourage the best practice regarding environmental responsibility and cetacean conservation.

… couldn’t ask for a better experience enjoying nature and conservation efforts to protect and respect these ocean creatures. Will never forget this tour.
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Our Whale Lookout

Azores Whale Lookout
Our Whale Lookout “Vigia da Furada” is located close to our base, and is now considered a cultural landmark in Ponta Garça – Vila Franca do Campo.

It is regularly visited by Tourists, Students and Residents, looking for a first-hand experience on the historic tradition of Whaling in the Azores Islands. Visitors can learn about location techniques used by Azorean Whalers. Try our powerful binoculars, and radio to communicate with our boats at sea.

Our Boats

Whale Watching Zodiacs
To take us quickly to the spotted Cetaceans location we use 2 RIB, commmonly known as Zodiacs (12 pax and 28 pax), which better allow us to provide an adventurous expedition, personalized service for small passenger groups, and proximity to the Whales with low environmental disturbance.

All vessels are equipped for maximum efficiency, passenger safety and comfort, in accordance to the strict regulations by the local Maritime authorities.

Our Team

Terra Azul Azores Team
We’re proud to be working with experts in the fields of Marine Biology and Cetaceans.

We believe a happy, knowledgeable and trained hands-on team to best work together towards effective sustainable tourism and conservation education, providing a unique experience to all guests.

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