Swim with Dolphins

A funtastic and unique Wildlife experience!

Swim with Dolphins in Azores – Sao Miguel, near Ponta Delgada

One of Europe’s Best Whale Watching (and Dolphin Swimming) Destinations!
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Approximately 2 hours

Neoprene Suits Provided

Naturalist/Biologist Guide

Great for Family & Kids

Jun 1st till Sep 30th
08:30 Morning
12:30 Afternoon
15:40 Evening
Swimming with Wild Dolphins is a fantastic life-changing experience!

Take the time to immerse yourself in unforgettable lifetime moments, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Let Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, and sometimes Risso’s Dolphins welcome you in their blue and immense home!

Be warned that many people who go swimming with Dolphins experience changes in their awareness. So prepare to experience feelings of bliss, intense joy, emotional release, deep relaxation and consciousness. It is believed that Dolphins experience themselves as part of a whole, so they will take you as a part of it – it is an excellent opportunity to get you introduced into the cetacean community!

We recommend you to be 30 minutes early for registration and briefing. Bring Water, a full change of clothing, Sunscreen & Chapstick for the Sun, and your swimming suit. Light meals are permitted, and if you have an underwater Camera don’t leave it behind – make sure to keep it securely attached to you in the water.

We provide 3.2mm thick Neoprene Suits, and Snorkel Mask.

You can go Swimming with Wild Dolphins regardless of your physical condition, as long as you can and know how to Swim, always depending on the sea and weather. Due to boating turbulence, we do not recommend it to people with a weak back or delicate health, nor to pregnant or children under the age of 4.



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  • * FREE Princess Ring Islet Round Tour!
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