Common dolphins taking over the coast!

After a so many days of great weather we headed out this morning with a cloudier sky. However we soon joined a group of hundreds of Common dolphins!!

Common dolphin and Cory’s shearwater foraging

Everywhere we looked we could see Cory’s Shearwaters flying around in circles and feeding, and under them… dolphins!! The dolphins were separated in groups and spread out for miles.

Cory’s shearwater feeding


Common dolphin and Cory’s shearwater

They were nice enough to take a break from their breakfast to come say hi and play with the boat.

Because it was a bit wavy, we weren’t able to take photos so the ones here are from a couple days ago when the dolphins and shearwaters were exhibiting a similar behaviour.

Common dolphin and Cory’s shearwater foraging


Cory’s shearwater taking flight

At the same time, in the Swimming with Dolphins tour, they were soon surrounded by the Common dolphins that kept spinning around under water showing their beautiful colors. Everybody could hear their whistles and see them 🙂

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of Terra Azul!

Rebecca Galvan

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Rebecca was Guide at TERRA AZUL in 2017. She is now wandering the World and discovering new things! Soon she'll get back in touch to help update this biographical signature.

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