Today we had a nice sunny day on the Ocean!

We saw many groups of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) and a group of striped dolphins (Stenella oeruleoalba) with a lot of juveniles!

This afternoon we had a happy encounter with a loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)! We invited her on-board to check if it was possible to tag her for the projet COSTA. It was a juvenile turtle, but a little bit too small to be tagged. We only check if she was in a good shape and noticed a barnacle on her belly like on the picture.


About Marylou

Marylou is a Marine Biologist and Master in Oceanography. She is one of our Marine Wildlife Guide at TERRA AZUL. She studied in Canada and Belgium, but is originally from France, and enjoys being out to sea everyday with whales & dolphins.

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