Whale Watching

The most exciting Adventure in Azores!

Whale Watching Azores – Sao Miguel, near Ponta Delgada

Amazing trip. Well organised with Land based lookouts guiding the boat. Knowledgeable and lovely tour guide. Definitely a must do.
John S.on TripAdvisorRiyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Approximately 2:30 hours

Whale Lookout inland

Naturalist/Biologist Guide

Great for Family & Kids

Daily Departures
08:30 Morning
12:30 Early Afternoon
15:40 Mid Afternoon [May-Sep]
Whale Watching is unquestionably the best, and most exciting Adventure in Sao Miguel, and the Azores Islands!

Enjoy a fun boat trip to see and learn more facts about the majestic Whales and playful Dolphins, and the great Marine Wildlife diversity of Turtles, Fish and Birds. It is a recommended opportunity to unveil the beautiful coastline of these extinct volcano islands, and the best kept secrets of the Azores sea life.

The journey starts with a 20 minute briefing introducing you to Cetaceans, their natural habitat, communication and behavioral patterns, and a Naturalist/Marine Biologist guide will always be available throughout your expedition to inform you about what you are observing, and to answer any specific questions.

Cetaceans are spotted inland by our Whale Lookout, who provides the location via VHF Radio to where the boat travels, initially at high speed. So hold on, have fun, and enjoy the islands scenery in the company of the Whales and Dolphins of the Atlantic!

We recommend you to be 30 minutes early for registration and briefing. Bring Water, Sunscreen and Chapstick for the Sun, and warm clothing since temperatures vary throughout the day, no matter what season. Light meals are also permitted, and a Camera is essential to capture lifetime memories, specially for photography lovers.

You can go Whale Watching regardless of your physical condition, always depending on the sea and weather. Due to boating turbulence, we do not recommend it to people with a weak back or delicate health, nor to pregnant or children under the age of 4.



Kids €45
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Kids €47
  • [May 1st – Sep 30th]
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