Hello !

This morning we went to the Sea and it was so magic! 🙂

It was quite cloudy but with a good visibility! It is so nice to be out in winter when we are well wrapped up ! What did we see?

  • After a few miles, we met a pod of spotted dolphins! At this time of the season, it is always a surprise because “normally” Atlantic Spotted dolphins go back to Florida for our winter. We could even see a mother with a newborn calf! They are so small, so cuties! 🙂
  • When we continue, we encountered a few pods of common dolphins , all groups with a different behavior. Some of them was socializing, others travelling ,and even a few of them were sleeping!


We are already in a hurry to go back to the Sea !


Sweet Week end to you !



About Marylou

Marylou is a Marine Biologist and Master in Oceanography. She is one of our Marine Wildlife Guide and is responsible for Science Education at TERRA AZUL. Originally from France, she studied in Canada and Belgium and loves being out to sea to share her knowledge with you.

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