Mobydick, Flipper and Michael Jackson!.

Today we were greeted by 3 well known species that you have all heard of before! As we left the marina with a warm breeze, soon we found a mother and calf sperm whale! It would not only be these 2, as at least one more mother and calf appeared and possibly a 5th individual. They were all going between little trips and resting mode. Showing their flukes but never going on a really deep dive. They must have been feeding their small ones. So…this were our Moby dick encounters!

Next would be Flipper. 2 Bottlenose dolphins aka Flipper, were rushing in between the whales, which is not a very common sight. They were getting close to the baby whales, seeming to want some kind of interactions, but eventually moved on.

And the trip would not be complete without a few Michael Jackson’s! Or better called “Risso’s dolphins”. There were at least 6 of them, with 2 small and totally black babies. We got to see 2 big rainbows during the trip, and ended our way back with lots of sunshine again, so we can say this was another lucky day! See you soon? 🙂


About Milou

Milou is Marine Biologist, and was Marine Wildlife Guide at TERRA AZUL from 2010 to 2019. She is from Holland, and is passionate about being out in the ocean with wildlife, informing visitors, and collecting field imagery and data for local Cetaceans and Sea Turtles Research & Conservation projects.

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