Hello everyone!

Today at sea we saw a beautiful small group of Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis). The group had about 10 individuals and they were taking the morning  to rest.

Did you know that dolphins can’t sleep? At least not like we do as our breeding system is different. Breathing in dolphins is conscious, so they cannot fully fall asleep, they shut down half of the brain and reduce their activity and then they switch sides!


Common dolphins Delphinus delphis


Then we spot a mother and calf of fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus), although we didn’t see the calf as the mother wanted to protect it, so they were always going on dives. Nonetheless we could see the amazing blows of this fantastic animals!


Hope you had enjoyed, bye!

Vanessa Costa

About Vanessa Costa

Vanessa is Marine Biologist and Marine Wildlife Guide and is responsible for Environmental Conservation at TERRA AZUL. She enjoys being out in the ocean with Wildlife accompanying visitors and collecting field imagery and data for local Cetaceans and Sea Turtles Research & Conservation projects.

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