The three largest whales of the world all together !

What a great morning at sea ! We went out with both boats 🙂

Our first sighting was a spread out group of around 35 bottlenose dolphins, that were socializing around our boats. bottlenose dolphins are resident here in the Azores. The group consisted of adults with calves and juvenils. Maybe you know the species from the movie Flipper? Grown up animals can reach a length of 4 meters and they are usually very active at the surface. They are known to do acrobatic breaches and to surf waves.

Did you know that dolphins are born with their fluke first ? Otherwise, they would get drown during birth…

After a great view on the dolphins we were heading for our next animals. Filipe spotted whales – what a surprise – we were in presence of three different whale species: a blue whale; a fin whale and a sei whale. It was a very special moment, because usually they travel solitary.
They are the three biggest whales of the world and all together!

Today they stayed with us for a very long time and showed often their body. Crew and passengers enjoyed that moment a lot! At the begining the animals were feeding and resting afterwards.
Hope to welcome you soon on our next trip!


About Marine

Marine is Marine Biologist and was Marine Wildlife Guide at TERRA AZUL in 2017. She is now wondering the World and discovering new things! We hope soon she'll get back in touch to share, and to help update this profile.

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