We started our day with a wonderful mood, how can it be different if you see a baby baleen whale? 😉 Yes, the tiny Bryde’s whale that we have been seen in the past few days is still around and today it was quite close to the coast together with its mother. They were very fast moving and appearing in different spots in short time, so as to lead us wondering if there were more than one individual, but eventually we could confirm by the dorsal fins it was only them 🙂

The mother has a nice marked dorsal fin, with a notch halfway its trailing edge, so it can be rematched in future in case it would appear again in the Azores.


Bryde’s whale mother with the calf surfacing next to her


Bryde’s whale

While waiting for the sperm whale to surface after a deep dive, two Risso’s dolphins appeared quickly just the time to let our whale watchers to take a picture and they glided back into the ocean. …


A sperm whale about to dive while lifting its tail above the sea surface


In the afternoon, the tour started with an adorable group of Atlantic Spotted dolphins 🙂 Despite spending some time underwater, the small group approached the boat several times to play at the bow and even showed off with some high jumps!

On the way to Filipe’s next sighting: our new awesome Bryde’s whales friends, a surprise group of Bottlenose dolphins showed up. They were busy having some lunch so we decided to leave them to it and go see the whales.

Today they decided to pay a visit to Ponta Delgada and were less than a mile off the harbour!


Bryde’s whale off Ponta Delgada


Mum with Ponta Delgada in the backgound


Like in the morning, the whales came really close to the boat at a certain time surprising everyone onboard 😀


Bryde’s whales close to the boat


To finish the day on a high note, we spent some more time with these lovely whales and a travelling group of Atlantic Spotted dolphins 🙂


Keep tuned for more news of our tours! 😀

Arianna Cecchetti

About Arianna Cecchetti

Arianna is a Marine Biologist and was Main Guide at TERRA AZUL since 2009, and Technical & Scientific Director until 2018. Originally from Italy, she sees herself more as a world citizen. Arianna deserves the very best, and we hope she can come back to share her passion for the sea with us again.

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